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Some think they are above the law. Others believe that they fall way below the law’s radar. But one thing link’s this city’s criminal underworld: they’ve now crossed paths with superhumans. Their lives will never be the same again! Stan Lee Presents… the Malevolent Marvel Underworld!

Welcome to Marvel Underworld, our Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game campaign set in the mid-1980s. Unlike many super-hero campaigns set in the Marvel Universe, we strive to make our stories fit into the existing chronology of mainstream Marvel Comics, designated Earth-616. Marvel Underworld #1 started with a cover date of October 1983, the first month Marvel Comics dropped their Marvel Comics Group banner from the top of all their comic book covers.

The heroes of our comic are the Unlikely Misfits, a group of disparate do-gooders who have teamed together to thwart the street-level villains of NYC, the most rebuilt city on Earth. Follow their awe-inspiring adventures as they crackdown on criminals in the mighty Marvel manner!

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