Tag: Unlikely Misfits


  • Edge

    William was born in Ireland. His English father met his Irish mother while on vacation, and decided to stay to be with her. William studied drama in school and eventually fell with the IRA crowd and took up …

  • Midnight

    Kristin was born 22 years ago at midnight during the spring soltice. She has no memory of her parents. Kristin was raised by grandparents (she doesn't know if they were actually hers). The grandfather taught her the art of performing and illusions. …

  • Lucky Strike

    *History:* Unknown

    Response Bonus Expenditures

    *+Marvel Underworld+ #1:* +%{color:red}Leaping% 1
    *+Marvel Underworld+ #2:* %{color …

  • Mr. Echelon

    *History:* Unknown

    Last Five Response Bonus Expenditures

    *+Marvel Underworld+ #2:* +%{color:red}Flinging%, %{color:red}Agility *6C%*

  • Pixie

    Pixie is an Elf from Otherworld, a place with mixed high tech and high fantasy; gods, elves, dragons and many more live within small towns and large castles with little heavy industry. Pixie was always …