Pixie's a small winged elf that can enlarge to normal human size. He's very curious and playful.

Strength 5C Intellect 3C
1 Edge Hand Size 3
Agility 5B Willpower 7X


Brawling, Sonic Slam
Aerial Combat, Martial Arts, Thievery
Assessment, Occult

Amulet of Shielding +10
Invulnerable to Iron
Captain Britain Corp Ice Blaster +5
Cold Control, Stunt: Ice Missiles, Limit: Stunt Only
Shapeshifting 1
Size Alteration 11
Limit: Growth Only
Wings 5
Stunt: Protected
Limit: Situational (Only when normal, non-human size)

Calling: Youthful Enthusiasm

Hinderences: Fatally Vulnerable to Iron (0 defense against iron, takes one card in damage when in contact with iron, cannot heal during exposure to iron, and will die if exposed to iron when reduced to 0 cards—all when not wearing his magic amulet.)
Triggered-Powerless (0 in all intensities when within firing distance of iron and not wearing his magic amulet.)


Pixie is an Elf from Otherworld, a place with mixed high tech and high fantasy; gods, elves, dragons and many more live within small towns and large castles with little heavy industry.

Pixie was always getting in trouble for playing practical jokes on people. These never hurt anybody, merely inconvienced them. They would be considered very lame pranks which only Pixie ever actually found humorous.

One of his practical jokes went too far. The authorities of Otherworld, the Captain Britain Corps, arrested Pixie. He was taken before Opal Luna Saturnyne, the Omniversal Majestrix, a servant of Roma, the Omniversal Guardian, to explain himself.

To which end he publically complained that Otherworld was a dull, boring place, with no excitement or fun to be had. Opal Luna Saturnyne offered to let Pixie travel to the Earth, as a sort of sabbatical from Otherworld. He jumped at the chance.

Pixie was warned that due to his fey nature a common Earth material, cold iron (steel), would be deadly to him. So he was gifted with the Amulet of Shielding that magically protects him from contact with iron. For his weapon he was given a CBC-issue ice blaster. Both items were designed to upgradable. He tends to wear loose fitting clothes of silk and leather.

Failed Stunts

Marvel Underworld #2: Failed use of Size Alteration: Dodge.

Last Five Response Bonus Expenditures

Marvel Underworld #3: +Brawling, Strength 4D
Marvel Underworld #4: +Shapeshifting 1
Marvel Underworld #5: Size Alteration +1 = 11
Marvel Underworld #6: Strength +1 = 5D
Marvel Underworld #7: +Sonic Slam, Strength 5C
Marvel Underworld #8: unspent


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