Kristin Tran

Strength 4D Intellect 7B
1 Edge Hand Size 3
Agility 7C Willpower 10B

Calling: Guardian (her audience)


Not performing: Quiet and shy
Performing or Superhero: Outgoing and energetic


Slight of Hand, Escape Artistry
Linguistics, Celtic Mythology, History
Performing, Writing, Observation


Magic 13
Stunt: Resistance to Magic
Phasing 7
Stunt: Passengers
Limit: Situational (Only able to phase passengers if they are endangered.)
Body Armor 6


Kristin was born 22 years ago at midnight during the spring soltice. She has no memory of her parents. Kristin was raised by grandparents (she doesn’t know if they were actually hers). The grandfather taught her the art of performing and illusions. The grandmother taught her how to use her gifts. When she was in high school the grandparents passed away. Kristin recently put herself through college by performing as a magician. She received a dual degree in History and English. While performing her magic act one night she saw a man being attacked. She used her real magic to draw attention to it causing the attacker to run away and she realized she could do good with her abilities.

Last Five Response Bonus Expenditures

Marvel Underworld #4: Intellect +1 = 7B
Marvel Underworld #5: Strength +1 = 4D
Marvel Underworld #6: Agility +1 = 7C
Marvel Underworld #7: Magic +1 = 13
Marvel Underworld #8: Willpower +1 = 10B


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