William Croft

Strength 9B Intellect 5C
1 Edge Hand Size 3
Agility 6C Willpower 9B


Boxing, Martial Arts Weapons, Wrestling
Disguise, Thievery
Assessment, Espionage
Mental Control, Performing, Teaching

Imitation 6 [Stunt: Imitate Scents]
Mind Control 8 [Stunt: Possession]
Telepathy 4
Teleportation 6 [Stunt: Passengers]

Calling: Mentor


William was born in Ireland. His English father met his Irish mother while on vacation, and decided to stay to be with her. William studied drama in school and eventually fell with the IRA crowd and took up their cause in his teenage years. It was these years when William discovered his powers and developed them while being a spy for the IRA. Tragically, at age 21, an accident claimed the lives of his parents in which the IRA was suspected to have perpetrated the attack. William used his powers to learn that the leaders had indeed planned the attack but didn’t meant for anyone to get hurt, especially William’s parents because he was one of their own and they were deeply sorry about the accident. William eventually forgave the IRA but decided to part ways. William’s brother, however, blames William for their parent’s death and they are estranged to this day.

At age 23, William decided to have a fresh start and move to New York where he currently resides. Now 25, William teaches drama part time to teenagers at a nearby drama school because he doesn’t want those kids to end up making the same mistakes he made.

Response Bonus Expenditures

Marvel Underworld #1: Mind Control +1=8
Marvel Underworld #2: Teleportation +1 = 6
Marvel Underworld #3: Imitation +1 = 6
Marvel Underworld #5: Strength +1 = 9B
Marvel Underworld #6: Intellect +1 = 5C


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