A (no known alias)

A crime fighting mutant of tremendous speed


Strength 5C
Agility 6B
Intellect 3D
Willpower 6B

Edge 2/4
Calling: Guardian (Manhattan Island)
Hindrance: Obsessive (about leaving his “calling card” of an Ace of Spades)

Brawling, Martial Arts Weapons
Acrobatics, Fast Exit, Martial Arts
Observation, Taunting, Tracking

Lightning Speed 11
Stunt: Mach Control;
Stunt: Passengers;
Stunt: Power Slam

Regeneration 3
Stunt: Damage Transfer;
Stunt: Healing Others;
Limit: Preventative


Mutant who discovered his powers strictly by accident. Early to mid 20s, A has demonstrated an understanding of the criminal mind, a capacity toward investigation, and understanding of the martial arts. However, he seems to rely on his speed more than anything and many are surprised he has not created any sonic booms as of yet.

Response Bonus Expenditures

Marvel Underworld #1: +Tracking, Willpower 6B
Marvel Underworld #2: Lightning Speed +1 = 11
Marvel Underworld #3: Lightning Speed +Passengers
Marvel Underworld #4: Missing in Action: Lost to the horde of lesser svarts with half-spears led by the troll Phigh with a spiked club in Svartalfheim.

A (no known alias)

Marvel Underworld Desertpuma