Marvel Underworld

Spotlight on Marvel Underworld

An interview with the new, upcoming title's creators.

An Interview with Barry Lee and Chase Thompson

excerpted from Comic Book Library Review Vol. 15, No. 13
reprinted with permission

CBLR: Why name the comic Marvel Underworld?

BL: That’s always the first question. When I was a teenager there was a title which many of you might remember: Super-Villain Team-Up. What was cool about that title was that it broke convention. Marvel Underworld will similarly break conventions, while remaining true to the Marvel spirit.

CT: To be fair, Marvel Underworld will not be from the villains’ point of view. We threw out that idea fairly early on. What the series will do is feature the same crimial underworld versus various do-gooders. Out first storyarc features an all new superteam, whose name we’re keeping under wraps.

BL: Yes, and that’s all we’re going to say about them for now!

CBLR: Is there a reason for that?

CT: Yeah, if all we talk about is this hero or that hero, we’ll have missed the spirit of the title altogether.

BL: (Laughs) We may even have whole storyarcs where its villain versus villain. Instead of Namor versus Doom, you might see Nefaria versus Kingpin, with our lowlifes caught in the middle.

CT: There you go, back to Super-Villain Team-Up comparisons. (Both laugh.)

CBLR: So, what can fans expect from this series?

CT: They can expect to see what made Spider-Man fun in the 1960s with the non-powered criminal element they see in the news and on their streets. Too many titles, both at Marvel and at the Distinguished Competition down the street, have lost that. Super-Hero versus Super-Villain is the norm, with Super-Hero versus Super-Hero for the occassional shake up.

BL: Fans can expect to see what it would be like if real world style criminals wanted to keep committing crimes in a world with Super-Heroes and Super-Villains. It’s not easy, plus they still have to contend with the normal competing criminals and officers of the law which still exist, too!

CBLR: Yet, you said that it won’t be told from the villains’ points of view.

BL: No, we’re approaching this from several P.O.V. I think you’ll find this something unique on the newsstands.

CT: No one’s told a story like this!

#### CBLR ####



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